Thursday, February 06, 2014

10 Crazy Facts About Valentine's Day

via the Bloomex Australia blog: 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. With less than 10 days until February 14, we thought we’d take a look at some fun and interesting facts that you might not have known about this special day of love.

1. Men do the majority of Valentine’s day spending, shelling out over $125 on average each February 14. They also account for about 75% of flower purchases each year.

2. But women do outrank men in purchasing actual Valentine’s cards, accounting for an estimated 85% of all V-Day card purchases.

3. Valentine’s Day cards are big business — about 1 billion cards are exchanged each year in the United States alone.

4. The profession that receives the most Valentine’s cards? Teachers.

5. In Japan, women are the primary gift givers on Valentine’s Day, showering their men with chocolate. The men return the favour a month later, on March 14.

6. Upwards of 200 million roses are sold in the United States alone for the Valentine season.

7. Each Valentine’s Day, Verona, Italy — the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet — receives 1000 love letters, addressed Juliet.

8. According to multiple sources, 64% of American men make no Valentine’s Day plans in advance.
9. Valentine’s Day is a boon for manufacturers of candy hearts — about 8 billion of them are made each year, specially for Valentine’s Day.

10. In Saudi Arabia, Valentine’s Day is completely banned. No flowers, no chocolates exchanged, no wearing of red — bet that sounds pretty nice to some people!


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