Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lobster Love from Bloomex

Those who love lobster, really LOVE LOBSTER! This succulent and tasty seafood is now considered a popular delicacy. It wasn't always so. From the 1600s to the early 1800s and beyond in some areas, lobster was so plentiful and relatively misunderstood that it was considered a food fit for the poor or for prisoners. 

Not so anymore! During the 1800s with the increasing use of the train, lobsters were served in the dining car and brought farther inland to new audiences. The popularity of lobster increased as more people discovered this tasty treat. 

By the 1850s and 60s lobster was being served in the salad section of most restaurants. While demand increased, its abundance in the sea declined and over time lobster became more of a gourmet delicacy enjoyed by the upper classes. 


Now Bloomex has been able to source delicious lobster and provide it to you at incredible prices! What is usually reserved only for special occasions has now become more accessible. Bloomex lobster is caught fresh off the Canadian Northwest Atlantic coast (zone 21), expertly cooked in the shell, flash frozen and delivered directly from our Halifax facility to your doorstep.

Send this sweet and succulent taste of fresh lobster for a unique and delightful gift, or enjoy it for yourself. Lobster meat is rich and savory and more substantial than most fish. Serve it with clarified butter and this melt-in-your mouth treat becomes a gourmet meal that will earn rave reviews! 

Twenty Fresh Lobsters

Bloomex offers lobster in a range of quantities, from one to twenty for your ultimate lobster-party treat. 

Wine and Lobster Basket

You can also enjoy this delicious lobster in the Bloomex Wine and Lobster Basket. This amazing basket is like your gourmet meal in a box, including two fresh cooked lobsters, a bottle of French red wine, delectable gourmet snacks and treats for dessert. 

So get out those bibs or uncork that wine and tuck into some fresh, succulent Bloomex lobster! 

P.S. Lobster makes the ultimate holiday gift! 

For more holiday ideas, check out our Holiday Flower Baskets Blog.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Enjoy the Power of Tea from Bloomex

Almost everyone has tried tea, and millions adore it. After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. This aromatic hot drink is prepared by pouring hot water over the cured leaves of an evergreen plant called Camillia sinensis that is native to Asia. Tea as a drink originated in China for medicinal purposes and was brought westward by Portuguese priests and merchants.

 Make tea, not war. ~Monty Python

True tea comes in only four varieties: green, black, white and oolong. Most so-called “herbal teas” are actually infusions of various other plants and fruits but unless the drink contains actual tea leaves, it’s not really tea (but it’s still yummy).

We in Canada are big tea fans, and this is a good thing. Besides being a refreshing and soothing break in the day, tea provides amazing health benefits. This enjoyable beverage contains polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) and phytochemicals that, among other things, are associated with improved muscle endurance, lowered free radicals and cellular damage, lowered cancer rates, lowered Parkinson rates, better recovery from exposure to radiation, lowered Alzheimer rates, lowered cardiovascular and diabetes rates, and much, much more. (Drink up!)

Perfect Indulgence Tea Gift Basket

If you know a tea lover (and we all know several) a Tea Gift Basket from Bloomex Canada makes the perfect gift! These deluxe assortments of teas and treats are all carefully hand-packed and delivered in an attractive gift basket with your personal message.

Tea Lover Gift Basket
Classic Tea Basket

Check out a few of our many fine Tea Gift Baskets on this blog, and be sure to visit the Bloomex website to see the full range of Tea and other gift baskets (coffee lovers, there are lots of gift baskets for you too!) that our gourmet gift specialists have created for you! Browse the blog for other great gift hamper ideas.

Enjoy your next cuppa, with best wishes from Bloomex!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Beautiful Christmas Flower Baskets from Bloomex

Looking for a special gift idea this holiday season? Bloomex offers a lovely selection of Christmas Flower Planter Baskets that will brighten anyone's home this year. These long lasting flowers and plants are artfully arranged in a beautiful basket with decorative ribbons and are your easy gift giving solution. They work especially well as corporate gifts and for those who are hard to buy for. Any plant lover will enjoy this wonderful living reminder of your thoughtfulness! 

Choose from 3 gorgeous Christmas Flower Baskets and send Christmas flowers in Canada with a little added touch this year. For more great holiday gift ideas check out our Bloomex Holiday Gift Baskets blog. 

Happy Holidays from Bloomex!

Bloomex Spa Baskets are the Perfect Gift

Bloomex offers amazing gift baskets in all kinds of budgets, for all kinds of tastes. If you want to send a little extra TLC choose a lovely Spa Basket. Each of these gift baskets is full of thoughtful items to soothe and pamper.The lucky recipient is sure to enjoy a little help to relax and rejuvenate. These make the perfect holiday gifts!

Bloomex offers five different Spa Baskets for you to enjoy—something for everyone, from Baby to Dad!

The Baby Spa Basket 
The perfect gift to welcome the new baby! New parents will be delighted by this amazing selection of items that are perfect for the sweet new addition. The generously stocked Baby Spa basket is filled with 8 bath and body treats including, Baby Oil Gel with Aloe, Baby Oil Gel with Chamomile, Little Critters Foam Bath, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Creamy Baby Oil, Fun Foaming Wash and SpongeBob Bandaids.

Deluxe Spa Basket
Pamper that special woman in your life with a beautiful Deluxe Spa basket filled with bath and body treats. Featuring 6 body and bath essentials, including, Dove Day Lotion, Kiwi Passion Body Wash, Ocean Breeze Body Wash, Tangerine Foam Bath, a Strawberry scented Jar Candle and Tropical Foam Bath.

Men's Spa Basket
Let's not forget the hardworking man in your life! Guys need to relax and be well groomed too. Bloomex offers a Men's Spa Basket full of products perfect for rejuvenation. This attractive gift basket contains  AXE Body Spray, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Dove Day Lotion, 7 Seas Facial Cleanser, Chest Rub and a 3 pack of Ivory Bar Soap. A perfect gift for the man that cleans up well!.

Supreme Spa Basket
This basket takes it to a higher level with even more items to soothe and pamper a lucky woman. 8 Bath and Body essentials, including, Dove Day Lotion, 3 bottles of luxurious Kiwi Passion Body Wash, Ocean Breeze Body Wash, White Rain Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion, Peach Cobbler Hand Wash and Tangerine Foam Bath. And now...it's on for HALF PRICE!

Ultimate Spa BasketThis beautiful basket is full of even more beauty essentials in amazing fragrances that any woman would love to receive. Full of 12 ultimate bath and body treats, such as Dove Day Lotion, 3 bottles of luxurious Kiwi Passion Body Wash, Ocean Breeze Body Wash, Tropical Foam Bath, White Rain Ultra Moist Body Lotion, Tropical Paradise Papaya Foam Bath, Percara Aloe Vera Body Cream, Percara Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Peach Cobbler Scented Hand Wash and a Strawberry scented Jar Candle.Yummy just to think about! And best of all...this basket is also available at HALF PRICE!

Visit the Bloomex Spa Baskets Page for pricing and orders. These wonderful gift baskets are sure to please any day of the year and make wonderful Christmas gifts! For more great holiday gift ideas, check out our Blog on Gourmet Gift Baskets. Happy Shopping, from Bloomex!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Bloomex Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Every year at around this time, we go to the closets or the stores, surf the online retail options, or perhaps visit an elderly aunt to start rooting around for the ultimate Yuletide must-have: the Ugly Christmas Sweater. 

The Ugly Christmas Sweater may be an assault on the eyeballs, but the popularity of these items has increased every year (an Ugly Christmas Sweater even figured in the romance of Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones in the hit movie). 

These knitted wonders provide us with some great laughs and are a way to flaunt both your bravery and your creativity. If you can come up with a truly heinous Christmas Sweater you are the envy of all your friends. 

Wretched Reindeer

North Pole Nightmare

Tinsel Travesty

This December, we want to join the fun. Bloomex asks the burning question: "How Ugly is Your Christmas Sweater?" Let's find out! 

Send us a photo to contest@bloomex.ca if you think you have a truly epic Ugly Christmas Sweater or have spotted one. Winner gets a $50 gift card from Bloomex, to help you get wonderful holiday gifts for yourself or someone else! 

Gift card is good for anything on www.bloomex.ca such as gourmet gift baskets, beautiful holiday flowers, Christmas planter baskets, Christmas centrepieces, gourmet gifts, and so much more! Contest starts today and ends Friday, December 19, 2014. For full rules and details see below.

Good luck and Happy Holidays from Bloomex! 


1. By submitting your photos you agree that you have permission to submit and that you allow Bloomex to post your submitted materials publicly on sites including but not limited to www.bloomex.ca, the Bloomex blog (bloomex.blogspot.ca), and the Bloomex Facebook page.

2. The winning entry will be determined by a panel of Bloomex employees.

3. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is Friday December 19, 2014, at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

4. The winning entry will receive a $50 GIFT CARD card to be used toward any purchase of their choice on www.bloomex.ca.

5. Contest open to residents of Canada. (Better luck next time, Finland).

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Christmas Centrepieces for your Holiday Decorating

Christmas Wishes Centrepiece
Christmas Wishes Centrepiece
As we gear up for the holiday season, many of us in Canada will be hosting friends and family at various parties and holiday suppers. While we look forward to the fun, there is a lot to think about in terms of organizing food and decorations. Let Bloomex make it easier for you! Bloomex provides you with fresh and beautiful Christmas Centrepieces that provide a simple and elegant way to dress up your holiday home or table this year.
These gorgeous centrepieces will make your holiday events more memorable and festive. Each one is made up by our professional floral designers and will add instant holiday cheer to any home.
These centrepieces also make a thoughtful holiday gift!  Send some Christmas spirit and help warm someone’s home for the season.

Each very special Christmas Centrepiece contains lovely candles with assorted fresh holiday greenery and gorgeous holiday flowers such as roses, carnations, and gerberas. All are artfully arranged with decorative ribbons and special floral foam that will keep your centrepiece fresh for at least a week.
There are a total of 8 arrangements to choose from! See all the wonderful Christmas Centrepieces and make your best selection. Happy Holidays from Bloomex!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Bloomex Gift Baskets to Support LLSC for Giving Tuesday

What are you doing for Giving Tuesday! December 2, 2014, has been designated as this year's global "Giving Tuesday". It's a great idea that is catching on in Canada—a new movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after the spending excesses of Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday is the "opening day of the giving season,” leading us into holiday good will. It has become a designated day across the world where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favourite causes and think about others.

Bloomex supports several charity initiatives throughout the year but for this year's Giving Tuesday Bloomex decided to provide extra support to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC). LLSC provides information, treatment options and support for people living with blood cancers at every stage of their journey, as well as providing valuable support for caregivers. One person in Canada will be diagnosed with a blood cancer every 28 minutes; leukemia and lymphoma account for almost half of all childhood cancers in those aged 0-14 years (Statistics courtesy of Canadian Cancer Society 2013). 

LLSC does amazing work all year on behalf of those living with blood cancers. Bloomex has designated four wonderful gift baskets with special pricing to support this valuable cause. Buy any of these gift baskets today and Bloomex will donate twenty percent of the proceeds directly to LLSC. As a further bonus, Bloomex will provide free shipping (yes, you read that correctly) on these amazing gift baskets if you order them on Giving Tuesday!

Buying these gift baskets is a win-win-win: you get your holiday shopping done quickly and easily while saving delivery fees, you send someone a fantastic gourmet gift basket to enjoy, and you support the valuable work of LLSC. What are you waiting for? 

Wine & Cheese Gift Basket

Perfect for any wine lover! This gift basket comes complete with delectable snacks and two bottles of premium wine (one red, one white) in an attractive basket with your personal message. $12.00 from this purchase will be donated to LLSC!

Blue Ribbon Gift Basket
This attractive gift basket contains a generous assortment of delicious gourmet treats that convey your good taste and indulge theirs! $11.00 from this gift basket sale will be donated to LLSC!

Snack Lovers Gift Basket
This lovely gift basket is hand-packed full of delectable snacks and treats that will delight any recipient. $9.00 from the sale of this gift basket goes directly to LLSC!

Chocolate and Cookie Lover Gift Basket

If you know someone with a sweet tooth, then this is the gift basket to send! Packed with scrumptious and decadent treats, this is an array of goodies that will have anyone smiling. $8.00 from the sale of this gift basket goes directly to LLSC!

Join with Bloomex this Giving Tuesday and help support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada! Together we can make a difference to those living with blood cancers.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Delicious Bloomex Holiday Gift Baskets

The holidays are fast approaching and many of us are looking for great gift ideas. You cannot go wrong with a beautiful and delicious holiday gift basket! Bloomex offer a wide variety of gourmet baskets for all tastes and budgets. These thoughtful and delectable gifts will brighten the holidays for loved ones or impress your business colleagues, and we can deliver them for you across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver. Plus, they all come at amazing prices! 

Here are a few notables that are new and best selling. Check out Bloomex Holiday Gift Baskets to see even more! This is your gift giving made easy, affordable...and delicious. 

This festive collection is our best seller for the season! Your gift is carefully hand-packed and delivered in an attractive gift basket or special box with your personal message. This basket contains high quality and delectable products, including selected premium tea, premium imported wafers, yummy chocolate truffles, decadent French dark chocolate squares, cashew crunch candies, premium cookies, chocolate biscotti, and cranberry harvest medley. Who wouldn't love to receive this? 

Our Gift Basket Gourmets have hunted down the most decadent treats ever and used them to create this gift basket full of tempting treats. Comprised solely of the most luxurious treats this completely irresistible vision of a gift basket is as good as it gets. Now we've taken it one step further and chopped the price in HALF! Call it what you will - we call it the Best Deal in Town - period. This Gourmet Gift Basket contains an assortment of 12 decadent treats (gourmet chocolates, exotic coffees and teas, premium cheeses, nuts, seafood, crackers) personally selected and presented in a decorative metal tin. Gourmet Collection I and III also available! 

For the cheese lover on your list, look no further! This decadent basket is full of gourmet cheeses, crackers and seafood. This premium cheese basket contains French cheese, Canadian cheese, Premium Quebec Cheese, gourmet seafood, premium smoked mussels, Italian toasts, artisan bread sticks, premium private brand crackers, cheese sticks, wine and cheese crackers. Yummy! 

The temptation to eat delicious foods and chocolates is especially high around the holiday season. This beautifully arranged basket of appetizing gourmet foods will no doubt satisfy your recipient's craving for tasty, premium quality snacks. Delivered in an attractive basket, this tempting collection includes: private brand dark chocolate, gourmet cheese, Canadian cheddar cheese, private brand pretzels, premium crackers, Italian crackers, chocolate wafer cookies, large box of cappuccino candies, delicious truffles, California almonds, premium cookies, premium cherry chocolates and premium cashews.The perfect holiday treat! 

The Ultimate Gourmet Basket! You don't find this anywhere else. This decadent gourmet gift basket features two delicious "fresh-cooked in the shell" lobsters (Prince Edward Island's Finest!), fine artisan bread sticks, Dolcetto wafer rolls, Tavolare savory snacks, Toscana Crackers, a bottle of French Red Wine, and for dessert, a box of chocolate dipped Truffle cookies. This unique gift is like sending an amazing gourmet meal that is sure to delight and impress! (excludes wine glasses)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Beautiful Holiday Poinsettias

Many of us associate the beautiful Poinsettia plant with the holiday season. The plant has an interesting history and uses. The Poinsettia plant is native to Central America and flowers during the winter in an area of southern Mexico. The ancient Aztecs called them 'cuetlaxochitl' and had several uses for them. They used the flowers (which are actually special types of leaves called bracts) to make a purple dye for clothes and cosmetics. They also used the white latex sap from the plant as a medicine to treat fevers. 

We know about poinsettias today largely due to the first ambassador from the U.S. to Mexico. In 1825 Joel Roberts Poinsett (that's why we call them Poinsettias) brought some plants back to his greenhouses in South Carolina. He began growing them and sending them to friends and botanists. These friends shared and sold the plant and their popularity grew quickly. Their cheerful and festive colours bring us joy during the winter months and the holiday season. 

Bloomex provides amazing prices on beautiful Poinsettia plants this season, with four arrangements to choose from. Order now to brighten your holiday table or to send some cheer. These long-lasting hearty plants make an excellent gift!

1. Elegant Poinsettia Basket 
Send this gorgeous, explosion of popular red poinsettia plants for Christmas. Long-lasting, hardy and festive. Elegant assortment of red poinsettia plants accented with Christmas decorations and greens is arranged in 6" bamboo basket. Measures approximately 10"Hx9"W.

2. Christmas Planter Basket
This growing and long lasting gift is an ideal way to say Merry Christmas! This 10" planter basket contains two assorted poinsettia blooming plants, four assorted green tropical plants, corns and decorative ribbons.

3. Deluxe Poinsettia Basket 
Send this gorgeous, explosion of popular red poinsettia plants for Christmas. Long-lasting, hardy and festive. Deluxe assortment of red poinsettia plants accented with Christmas decorations and greens is arranged in 8" bamboo basket. Measures approximately 12"H x 12"W.

4. Supreme Poinsettia Basket 
Supreme assortment of red poinsettia plants accented with Christmas decorations and greens is arranged in 10" bamboo basket. Measures approximately 14"H x 12"W.

Enjoy your beautiful Bloomex Poinsettias and have a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Movember $50 Moustache Contest!

Yes, it's time to get your 'stache on! November is Movember month and that means the growing of moustaches of various sizes, colours and stylings all across Canada. Bloomex is getting in on the fun while also supporting this great cause. There are some awesome photos floating around out there and we'd love to see yours!

Celebrity moustaches, moustaches on babies, animal moustaches, your own growth, your wife's, your neighbour's...the choice is wide open. We are looking for impressive, funny, or otherwise interesting photos of moustaches in any form.

Send us your photos to contest@bloomex.ca. Best photo wins a $50 Bloomex gift card! 

Gift card is good for fabulous flowers, gourmet foods, yummy gift baskets, adorable teddy bears...order for yourself or for someone else. Great for a head start on your holiday shopping! 
(See contest rules below for the full deets).


And even if you can't grow a 'stache or email a photo, you can still support the Movember campaign by buying a beautiful blue and white bouquet or a delicious and manly gift basket in our Bloomex Movember Collection. To read more about that check out our previous blog.

Good luck and let's have some fun while supporting men's health in Canada!


1. By submitting your photos you agree that you have permission to submit and that you allow Bloomex to post your submitted materials publicly on sites including but not limited to www.bloomex.ca, the Bloomex blog (bloomex.blogspot.ca), and the Bloomex Facebook page.

2. The winning entry will be determined by a panel of Bloomex employees.

3. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is Friday November 28, 2014, at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

4. The winning entry will receive a $50 GIFT CARD card to be used toward any purchase of their choice on www.bloomex.ca.

5. Contest open to residents of Canada. (Better luck next time, Denmark).