Monday, September 29, 2014


Thanksgiving is almost here in Canada!

Thanksgiving is a time to unwind and reconnect with those we care about. Many of us are fortunate enough to enjoy a turkey dinner in a warm home, and to take time to visit with family and friends this holiday.

Thanksgiving also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the things we are thankful for.  This includes the people in our lives who matter most—the ones who boost our spirits, cheer us on, make us laugh, or help pick up the pieces when things go badly. We may also be thankful for good health, for a job we enjoy, a dream vacation, or any number of other blessings in our life. 

What are you thankful for? Send us a short note telling us. The top two entries will win a $50 Gift Card from Bloomex! Your story can make us laugh or make us cry, but so long as it moves us you can win! You can use your $50 Bloomex gift card toward ANYTHING YOU LIKE on the Bloomex site! Have your gift delivered to yourself or to someone else. 


1) Write up your story – it can be as short as one paragraph, or as long as you like. If you have any pictures to attach to it, all the better! (but please, no more than 2MB in size per email.)

2) Send your note to, either in the body of the email or as an attachment. Please include the words ‘THANKSGIVING CONTEST’ in the Subject Line of the email.


1. By submitting your story and/or photos, you agree that they become, as submitted, property of Bloomex, and allow Bloomex to post your submitted materials publicly on sites including but not limited to, the Bloomex blog (, and the Bloomex Facebook page. Bloomex is happy to provide only first names of people involved in the stories; please let us know if you would like us to do this.

2. The winning entries will be determined by a panel of Bloomex employees.

Autumn Rustic $49.95
3. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is Tuesday October 14, 2014, at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

4. Two (2) winners will be chosen, with each winning entry receiving A $50 GIFT CARD card to be used toward any purchase of their choice on

5. Contest open to residents of Canada.  

Send your entries today, and earn a beautiful bouquet for being thankful!  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Decorating Ideas with Flowers

It's officially autumn! In most of Canada, there is nip in the air and the tree leaves are starting to display their vivid colours. Most of us are thinking more about being indoors and entertaining friends and families. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we are all looking for ideas to decorate our tables and homes with some beautiful fall looks.

Here are a few easy ways to beautify your home for fall, using any Autumn Collection bouquet. The big advantage to buying a professional bouquet is that the Bloomex florists have done most of the work for you—so you get amazing results with little guesswork or effort!

Autumn Rustic 
First, select a beautiful fall-themed bouquet. Click to check out our special Autumn Collection (starting at only $19.99) for a list of bouquets that would work perfectly with any project : Autumn Collection Bouquets.

Burst of Autumn
 Next, select your project, have fun, and enjoy the rave reviews!  

1. Pumpkin Vase 

Select a medium-sized pumpkin, and a cylindrical container of choice that is watertight. Place container on top of pumpkin, trace around it, and cut out the top. Scoop out and clean interior of pumpkin. Place container inside, add water and flower food. 

Add the bouquet of choice and presto, you have a wonderful statement piece for your table or mantle this Thanksgiving, or place outside on your porch to welcome your guests. You can add extra touches like mini scarecrows or branches if you like.

If you want to decorate for Hallowe'en, add some fun pieces from the dollar or craft store, such as bats, black cats, spider webs, or witches.

 2. Fall Wreath with Real Flowers.

Pick up a grapevine wreath and some floral wire at any craft store location, and select one of Bloomex's beautiful fall bouquets.The flowers and other natural items have been carefully selected by professionals to work together perfectly, so you have less effort for spectacular results!
Hang the wreath above your mantle or in your dining room before a special celebration, or place a medium-sized wreath on your holiday table with a glass candle holder in the centre for a natural and beautiful centerpiece.

3. Traditional Cornucopia

You can find a woven cornucopia at most craft stores this time of the season. Pick up some floral foam at the same time. Order and  receive your autumn bouquet of choice.

Cut the foam as needed and dampen it with water. Insert the foam into the cornucopia. Insert the flowers from your autumn bouquet into the foam, to help secure them and keep them moist and fresh. Place the cornucopia on a tray or a round plate if you are concerned about any water dripping from the foam.

This is sure to be a spectacular centerpiece for your table or let it occupy a place of honour on a cocktail table or mantle.

4. Twig Vase
For the more crafty types, make a vase using twigs.
Find, clean and dry a large tin can (as from canned fruits or vegetables) or other cylindrical container  that is watertight.
Collect some small sticks or twigs during your next nature walk.
Wrap the can with brown craft paper and secure it with glue, using a glue gun.
Use the glue gun to glue the twigs vertically, all around the can.
Tie a ribbon over the twigs. Fill with water and add flower food.
Set in your fall bouquet of choice, and enjoy the rave reviews!

Get your kids involved, for a fun family project! That way you will enjoy the process, as well as the results. And your guests will be raving about any of these wonderful fall flower decorations. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Making Grandparents Happy, One Bouquet at a Time

It was Grandparents Day this past Sunday, September 7. Millions of people flocked to various retirement residences and private homes, tributes in hand, to visit their senior family members. Millions more picked up the phone for a loving phone call; others sent lovely bouquets of flowers and thoughtful gifts.

Um…maybe not.

Did you forget? If so, you’re not alone. Not everyone even knows about Grandparents Day, much less celebrates it, yet this holiday began in 1995 and honours some of our most valuable society members. In the most recent survey, Canada had over 6.7 million grandparents, with each having an average of 4.7 grandchildren (Statistics Canada 2001). Of Canadians aged sixty-five or older, 80% of women and 74% of men are grandparents. 

Today’s grandparent often ends up caring for young children while parents work or helping smooth a transition for children post divorce. The grandparent-grandchild bond is second in importance only to the parent-child bond (Kornhaber 1996). Grandparents are a repository of memory and experience for their individual family and for society as a whole. It's important to recognize them.

This year Bloomex reached out to various retirement residences across Canada with a simple offer to provide some lovely complimentary bouquets to residents for Grandparents Day. The retirement residence could either name some residents who could benefit from some added cheer this year, or use the bouquets as prizes. After scores of emails and phone calls, it was clear that the holiday was being treated with varying degrees of involvement (one home had no idea it was a holiday).

The majority of the residences did reply quickly and with enthusiasm. Some took the extra time to organize raffles to help celebrate the event, or could immediately name residents who had gone through hard times recently. It became clear that even a small tribute, and the demonstration that somebody remembered and somebody cared, made a big difference in the lives of these special seniors. 

A big thank you to the wonderful administrators and caring staff that took us up on the offer and went out of their way to organize the donation and to brighten the day of their residents. After giving so much to the next generations, these grandparents deserve some recognition and more than a little love given back. And the further good news is that you don’t have to wait for Grandparents Day to tell a family member how much they mean to you. There is never a wrong day for that.

Here are some of the highlights, generously provided by some of the participating residences:

Alta Vista Retirement Residence

“It was a wonderful donation, thank you!”

 Jenna Lacharity
Community Marketing Manager
Alta Vista Retirement Center
Ottawa, ON

 “The flowers arrived!  We had a draw amongst all the residents at breakfast and our two lucky winners were absolutely delighted!  Thank you so much for bringing a smile to the faces of our residents.”
Kind regards, Barbara
Amica at Apenwoods, Calgary, Alberta

“Yes the bouquets arrived on Friday just after lunch. I spoke with the three (designated) residents Friday afternoon, and assisted one resident with getting the flowers out of the shipper box. All residents were extremely happy (two of the residents cried; they were that happy.)
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these three residents happy. They were full of smiles all weekend. Thank You.”

Lorne Taylor | Hospitality Manager
Atria Retirement Canada | Churchill Manor
Edmonton, AB
All three photos courtesy of Rutherford Heights Retirement Residence: An ALL Seniors Care Living Center

"Grandparents day was a huge success for us. We did raffle the two bouquets and the receiving residents were very thankful. Again, thank you for contributing”.
Kim Green
Rutherford Heights Retirement Residence An ALL Seniors Care Living Center
Edmonton, AB

Let's hope that next year, there are even more grandparents being remembered!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Preserve the Memories: Keep your Flowers

Flowers are a special gesture, meant to convey so many emotions for so many occasions. Whether we receive flowers to welcome a new baby, to celebrate a special birthday milestone, or to express love and romance, flowers often coincide with life's biggest milestones. They provide a lovely expression of someone's thoughts and sentiments, but what happens when the blooms inevitably fade?

There are several ways to preserve your flowers, and make the memories last. You can display the preserved bouquet in your home, or turn the blooms into other creative keepsakes.

Here are the top ways to preserve your beautiful flowers: 

1. Drying
You can do this yourself, with very little fuss. Simply hang your flowers upside down in a safe area– usually a darkened room or closet is best. If needed, you can loosely tie the stems with string (not a rubber band). It will usually take about 4-6 weeks for the flowers to fully dry, and expect some shrinkage and colour change as they drying occurs. For a variation on this, you can also dry flowers by placing some sand in a brown paper grocery bag, then placing your blooms inside. Shake gently to lightly coat the petals, then place the bag outside in direct heat for a few days. The sand will help to preserve a bit more of the colour. You can then bring the bag inside, remove the blooms (shake off excess sand), and hang them to dry as above.

2. Silica Gel
You can purchase silica gel at most local craft stores. The name is misleading as it isn't really a gel, but more like a fine sand. Follow the instructions provided with the box, but you usually need borax to work with the gel (be sure to wear gloves!). Cut the stems off the flowers, and mix the borax and silica as instructed (often it's four parts borax, to one part silica). Pour a layer of the mix into the bottom of an airtight container. Place flowers face down and cover with the mix, until the container is full. Cover tightly, and place in a dry, undisturbed place. The process should take about a month, after which you can carefully remove the flowers and the powder on them. Be aware that silica gel may darken the blooms, but you do end up with nicely preserved flowers.

3. Pressing
With a heavy book, some tissue, cardboard, and newspapers, you can press your flowers and create a wonderful keepsake. Place cardboard on a flat surface, and cover with a sheet of newspaper and one of tissue. Place your flowers on the tissue, and cover with more tissue, then another sheet of newspaper, and another piece of cardboard. Repeat until you  have stacked all the flowers. Place a heavy book and another heavy object on top, and leave the stack for about a month. Be careful as you uncover each layer.

4. Freeze Drying 
You will need to book a professional for this, but the results are impressive since much of the look and colour of your original blooms will be preserved. If you wish to use a professional service you will need to get your flowers to them while the blooms are still fresh. The process involves spraying the flowers with a special starch to preserve them, then placing them in a freeze-dryer to remove all moisture.Most professional firms will offer you a choice of shadow box or other professional display methods.

Once your flowers are dried, you can set the tied arrangement on a dresser or mantle, place them in a pretty vase or container, or fashion them into a wreath for your wall. You could place them into a glass display coffee table or a shadowbox along with other keepsakes from your special day. You can also use some of the dried blooms to make ornaments (clear glass ornaments are available at most local craft stores).
However you choose to display your dried flowers, they will help you remember your special event, and you will get to enjoy them and the memories for years to come.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Calling all KIDS: Bloomex Ottawa wants to hear about your BEST TEACHER EVER!

It’s back to school time, and time to take a moment to think about the teachers who make such an impact on our lives! A great teacher can make all the difference-- let's give them some added recognition.

Who is the coolest, most fun, nicest teacher in Ottawa? Who makes you look forward to going to school each day? Maybe it’s a teacher who explains new things really clearly, or who loves a good joke. Maybe it’s a teacher who supports you when you are feeling down, or a teacher who goes the extra mile by running a fun club or coaching your sports team. 

If you live in Ottawa and area, and you think you have an awesome teacher, tell us! Write a short note nominating a teacher (could be from this school year or a past one) and tell us how they made your school year better. (Yes, parents can help! :))

Bloomex will select the top two entries. For each top entry, YOU will win this yummy Chocolate & Cookie Lover Gift Basket, and YOUR TEACHER will be presented with a gorgeous flower bouquet!

Contest starts today and closes Tuesday, September 30. 


Good luck to all the teachers and participants! 
1. By submitting your story, drawing, and/or photos, you agree that they become, as submitted, property of Bloomex, and allow Bloomex to post your submitted materials publicly on sites including but not limited to, and the Bloomex blog ( Bloomex is happy to provide only first names of people involved in the stories; please just let us know if you would like us to do this.
2. The winning entries will be determined by a panel of Bloomex employees.
3. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is Tuesday, September 30, 2014, at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
4. 2 winners will be chosen, with each winning entry receiving a gift basket and a custom created Designer Collection bouquet free of charge from
5. Entrants must reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, or its immediate surrounds. 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Oh, Baby! Ideas to Welcome a New Arrival

William and Kate, more formally known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, announced today that they are expecting their second child. 

The announcement of a new baby on the way is one of life's most exciting times! Family and friends will want to celebrate such happy news with cards, gifts, flowers and perhaps by hosting a baby shower. Thousands of gifts for Prince George were presented before and after his birth, including a rocking horse and polo mallet from the Obamas, a surfboard from Australia, apple trees, and a fattened bull and calf from the Samburu peopel of Kenya.

While each birth may not be a Royal event, every baby is an equal miracle, and each new parent deserves to be treated with a little extra love and TLC. Here are some ideas for anyone who wants to welcome a new baby.

Morning Bright Bouquet
The big announcement
You may wish to send flowers to congratulate the parent(s) on their joyous news. Keeping flower selections bright and cheerful is always an excellent way to go. And what to write on the card? Here are some great suggestions: 

"Congratulations on Your Happy News! You’ll have your arms around your little one before you know it!"
"Congratulations on your pregnancy. We are looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family."
"All your life you were learning how to be a good human being. Pregnancy will teach you how to be a good mother. Congratulations."
"I am happy for your pregnancy but I am happier in knowing that a baby will be born in the arms of such loving parents like you."
"My heartiest wishes to you, mom-to-be. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Enjoy this special moment of your life!"
"New life, new responsibility, and many new discoveries are coming. Congratulations on your pregnancy."
"The craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland or Universal Studios, it is the nine months of pregnancy. Good luck and enjoy the twists and turns of your pregnancy."
"The doctor may cut off the umbilical cord that ties you with your baby, but no one can cut off the cord of love built over the next nine months which will tie you with your child for a lifetime. Congratulations on being pregnant."

The baby shower 
When it comes to baby showers, the more, the better! New babies need a lot of gear and new parents will really appreciate some help with the provisions. There are many tips for how to host, and for how to personalize the event. You can find some great baby shower game ideas at
When it comes to decor, an especially cute and memorable idea is to use rain boots to hold a pretty bouquet of your choice to prepare for the "shower" of gifts! (Hint: make sure the boots are nice looking and relatively new.)

TLC for Mom & Dad
A spa gift basket may be just the thing to provide a thoughtful treat to a new parent. Try the Supreme Spa Basket to provide some much appreciated pampering. Busy parents or a mom-to-be with a fussy appetite will also really appreciate a fruit, cheese, or other food-related gift basket. 

Supreme Spa Basket
Fruit Elegance

Arrival Day
To welcome baby, flowers, teddy bears, and/or balloons are all great choices! Visit the Bloomex New Baby page for a long list of great suggestions!

Simply Sweet Bouquet

Some suggestions for the card message:
"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."
"Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy. Congratulations on your new arrival!"
"Congratulations! May your baby be blessed, his/her road forward a blessed adventure!"
"We welcome your dear new child to this world with love."
"Babies are special, babies are fun, congratulations on your new little one!"
"Another miracle in this world. Welcome!"
"I don't know who is more blessed. Either you are for having a new little baby, or your baby is for having you as parents. Congratulations to everyone!"
"We are wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your new little baby."
"We pray for health and happiness to you and your little one.
"I'm wishing you continued blessings as your family grows."
"There’s no greater gift to a loving couple wanting to be parents than a child! I’m glad you have been given that gift. Congratulations!"

And remember, just the fact that you cared enough to send flowers, a gift basket, and a card, will go a long way toward giving new parents a much needed boost of confidence and support. They will treasure your kindness for years to come!

The Art of the Apology: Saying Sorry with Flowers

Saying sorry can be very difficult, though everyone messes up. When you have done something to cause someone hurt or inconvenience, you may feel remorse, guilt or regret. Whether you choose to apologize in person or in writing, there are some aspects to the apology that apply to every situation, and can boost the chances for healing and forgiveness. 

A true and complete apology should encompass three aspects: acknowledgement and regret for the hurt or inconvenience your actions caused, taking responsibility for your own actions without making excuses or casting blame elsewhere, and an indication of how you will try to fix the situation going forward.

Take some time to think about the situation, your actions, and the other person. Evaluate their feelings, and the hurt they may be experiencing. Think about why the event occurred, and evaluate if you feel genuine remorse, and why. Reflect on what you might do to improve the current situation or to prevent a repeat occurrence in the future.

Be sincere. An apology message does not have to be elaborate to be effective. Conveying a true expression of regret is often enough to help heal the situation.

Be specific if needed. For example, “I’m sorry. I realize that by being late I caused us to be late for the visit with your parents. Please let me make it up to you by taking your parents to dinner next week.” Or if you miss a friend’s birthday, you could say “I am sorry I was so disorganized this year and let such an important date go by. You mean so much to me and I feel awful. I added an alert to my phone so I won’t miss your birthday again."

Use light humor only if you are absolutely certain the other person will accept it. Making light of the situation does not usually constitute a genuine apology and may end up hurting the person more.

Whatever you decide to write, sending flowers and a sincere message that you gave thought to can be a bridge toward healing for all concerned. Flowers that traditionally convey apology include a mix of red and white roses, pink carnations, or white tulips, but there are many choices available and you should think most about the intended recipient. 

You may or may not earn forgiveness, but odds are that you will at least open the doors to communication. And you will feel much better for making the effort.

Here are some suggestions for card messages you can include with your flowers: 

"I am so sorry. I know I hurt your feelings and I feel terrible about it."
"I’m sorry for being so insensitive and insane. I know that it’s not an excuse I hope you can have a forgiving heart soon. I miss you."
"I’ve said things I should never said, I’ve done things I should never done- tell me how can I make things right. I’m sorry and I miss you so much!"
"I am truly sorry for the pain I caused you."
"How can ½ be 1 without you, my other half? Please forgive me."
"I'm sorry. I know it is difficult for you to trust people and my lying to you hasn't made it any easier. I shouldn't have lied no matter how afraid I was of your reaction."
"I'm sorry. You have every right to be angry with me. I will never speak that way to you again."
"Accept these flowers in place of the words I said."
"We haven’t talked since our last fight, but I want to tell you that I’m still the same friend you had before. And I still am going to be, so please forgive me."
"I'll never forgive myself...but I'm hoping you will. I'm sorry."
"I may not be perfect, but I have perfect regret. I am so sorry for what happened."
"I love you so much. I would do anything to make you smile. I can’t believe I just hurt you. Please forgive me. I am so sorry."

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Bring the Sizzle Back! Creative Ways to Win Her with Flowers

Whether a man wants to win a girl or keep her, flowers are a go-to resource. Sending flowers in a new romance, for a birthday, an anniversary, or for another special occasion is a tried-and-true recipe for pleasing your lady.

As time goes by, sometimes guys forget the flowers and the special treatment. They may also forget, or not know, that there are more ways to use flowers than just handing over a bouquet (don't get me wrong--handing over a bouquet is an awesome start anytime). Women love to feel loved and attended to, whether it is on a special occasion or as a "just because."

For guys who really want to impress their lady, here are some creative ways to get sparks flying, whether your romance is brand new or long lasting:

1.Repeat Romantic
Send her a single red rose (or pink if she prefers) every day for 12 days, with a different message every day to list reasons why you love her. Alternately, you could send her a rose for each month you have been together, or use another number that is significant to her or to your relationship.

2. The Hired Help  
If she has a fairly established daily routine, go to the places she regularly visits or is slated to visit and see if you can get people to agree to hand her a flower at the various locations. If you have kids, have them give her a flower at breakfast. If she always hits the drive thru lane for her morning coffee, maybe a kind employee will agree to hand her a flower with a message from you. Ditto for the dry cleaner, or the waiter at the restaurant she is going to at lunch (tip them and this will help). Include her co-workers: this way she can bask in the glory of even more attention at work. When she gets home, you can be waiting with a final bouquet.

3. Lead the Way
Use flowers or small vases of flowers to create an arrow that leads to a romantic spot. It could direct her outside to a picnic you have set up, or to a spot you have left a gift, or toward the bedroom if things are really getting romantic. You can scatter rose petals to add even more romance.

4. Floral Scavenger Hunt
 Leave flowers around the house in various locations. Attach a clue to each flower that directs her to the next location for a really fun and creative hunt. The key is to be personal and romantic with your choices and list reasons why you love each spot that are all about her. Have the final clue lead to a beautiful bouquet with a special card. (Include chocolates or another gift if you really want to impress her).

5. Unexpected Places 
Leave flowers in places that will surprise her throughout her day, such as in her purse, her car, the bathroom vanity, her closet, in the cereal cupboard, in the refrigerator, or anywhere else you can think of.

5. In the Bath
To really make her swoon, draw her a hot bath. Scatter rose petals all over the surface of the water, and around the tub. Place a lovely bouquet nearby for her to enjoy. Light some candles and add some bath oils, bath beads or bath salts. Set out some fluffy towels and her favourite robe. Add her beverage of choice, or anything else she really enjoys. 

Follow these tips and get creative-- your lady will love you for it!