Wednesday, December 04, 2013

From Australia: 9 Secret Tips to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

We thought we'd share this post from our friends at Bloomex Australia. It's packed with some great tips.
We’ve combed the web, talked to our experts, and come up with this list of the best 9 tips to ensure that your fresh-cut flowers last for as long as possible:
1. Keep them out the heat! You might want to display them in the window, but if it’s sunny at all, the light and heat will negatively affect their longevity.
2. Did you know that keeping your flowers near fruit isn’t advised? Fruit produces Ethylene gas as it ripens, which essentially contributes to your flowers aging quicker and then dying. So keep your flowers and your apples separate. 

Read the rest of the list at the Bloomex Australia blog, here. 

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