Friday, August 09, 2013

Flower Festivals Worth a Visit in 2014

The Canadian Tulip Festival
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (and Gatineau, Quebec).
Date: May 9-19, 2014
The rundown:  After Canada provided shelter to the Princess Juliana of the Netherlands during World War II, the Dutch royal family decided to show their gratitude with an annual donation of tulips in perpetuity. While Ottawa is the third-coldest national capital in the world, the Tulip Festival marks the end of the winter weather as the flowers – and the city – spring to life. Over a million tulips are on display, drawing over 500,000 visitors yearly.
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National Cherry Blossom Festival
Location: Washington, DC, USA
Date: March 20 – April 13, 2014
The rundown: The Mayor of Tokyo, Yukio Ozaki, gifted the American capitol with 3,000 Cherry Trees in 1912, as a symbol of the friendship between Japan and the United States. The first festival was held in 1935, and save for a few years during the second World War,

The Rose Parade
Location: Pasadena, California, USA
Date: January 1, 2014
The rundown: Started in 1890, the parade has become an annual New Year’s tradition, featuring a large assortment of floats, horses and bands. The college football Rose Bowl game is usually played on the same day, and was actually started as a way to fund the parade itself. Last year’s parade featured 42 floats, 23 marching bands and 21 equestrian units.
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Feria de las Flores Medellin (Festival of the Flowers)
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Date: August, 2014
The rundown: Known as the most important social event of the year for Colombia’s second-largest city, the festival dates back to 1957. The week-long event includes a large parade of flowers, paegents, automobiles, a horse parade and a variety of concerts.
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Jersey Battle of Flowers
Location: Jersey (Channel Islands)
Date: August 2014
The rundown: Started in 1902 to celebrate the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, the festival has become a mainstay on the small, beautiful island of Jersey since then. It consists of a parade of floats, and though there’s no “battle” element to it anymore, the name has stuck over the years (it is a pretty cool name, after all.) The festival has drawn over a million visitors over the years.
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