Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bloomex & Canadian Cancer Society's Partnership Continues to Flourish

OTTAWA, January 19th, 2008- On November 16th, 2008, Bloomex announced the launch of the Give Hope Christmas Basket, custom-made gift basket specially designed for the Canadian Cancer Society. This basket would be available from November 20th to December 31st, in where 20% of the sales of this Give Hope basket would be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

With the Give Hope Basket campaign now at it's end. Bloomex is proud to report that 164 baskets were sold during the holiday season to raise over $1,300.00 just from the sales of the Give Hope Basket. These funds raised are only a small percentage of the overwhelming money raised during the holiday season with Bloomex's Give Hope Collection, 12 exclusive products which 10-15% of sales are donated towards cancer research.

"We are extremely pleased at the outcome of the Canadian Cancer Society's Give Hope basket campaign, we have our dedicated customers and loyal patrons to attribute this joyeux achievement, says Dimitri Lokhonia, President of Bloomex Inc. " We continually look forward to new innovative ways to contribute to our partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society".

Bloomex's exciting sponsorship of the Canadian Cancer Society has enticed Bloomex to further engage their patrons to support the cure against cancer. During one of the busiest months for the floral industry, Bloomex has announced that they will be unveiling a special Valentine’s Day package to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

"Our Christmas basket was so successful, that we wanted to do something special for the Canadian Cancer Society during Valentines', says Michelle Robitaille, Public Relations Manager "Our Design Specialists are creating an inventive Valentine's day special that will rival any other, in which Bloomex will continue their proud sponsorship of cancer research by donating 20% of the sales of this exclusive Valentine's day special back to the Canadian Cancer Society."

Bloomex will be announcing their Valentine's day promotion for the Canadian Cancer Society shortly at the end of January 2009, for more details on this or other Canadian Cancer Society products supported by Bloomex, please visit http://bloomex.ca/give-hope.

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