Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloomex Introduces 77 New Products to

OTTAWA, September 2008 - Bloomex has introduced 77 newly designed products for a fresh fiery new look. The change came about after extensive feedback from consumers, showing interest in a larger selection, and wider price range than conventional Bloomex bouquets. Bloomex Creative Design team has been studying 2008 trends in the market, and has released a fresh bold selection of unique bouquets.

“Bloomex has grown extensively in the past several years, and it's important for us to keep current with new trends. The new invigorating selection allows us to remain up to date with our clients floral needs. It is important that we continuously expand ourselves and bring about enlivening and unique designs that would appeal to the general public, we can now say that we have something special for every one ", says Natalya Nogaeva, Professional Floral Designer for Bloomex.

The new bouquets come in a variety of intense colours, and mixtures of various traditional flowers, flattered with tasteful exotic flowers. Bloomex has taken the all-time favourites, such as roses and used softer brilliant colours such as pink, purple, coral, and yellow. They incorporated more striking fashionable flowers such as delphiniums, lilies, snapdragons and asters, to mix and compliment the modern carnations and roses, creating a magnificent masterpiece of fragrances.

This new collection includes bouquets that relax the senses with their pure, elegantly youthful colours such as soft pink tones, pure whites, deliciously warm hues of purple and yellow. For more illuminating occasions, there are artfully designed bouquets of arresting vibrant yellows, reds and oranges creatively presented to be distinctive from other bouquets. Each new bouquet has an elite name that depicts it's expressions, like Serendipity, Whimsical Elegance, Sparkling Radiance and Groovy Petal Parade to name but a few.

The launching of these new products have already begun, the entire new collection will be completed and fully functional by September 12, 2008. Visit for more information, or to view the new selections.

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