Wednesday, July 23, 2008


OTTAWA, July 2008 - Bloomex, the fastest growing online florist in Canada, has redesigned its funeral arrangement and products for a fresh new spin to depict the universal changing of opinions when it comes to selection of funeral products.

Bloomex Creative Design team has been studying 2008 trends in the market, and has released a fresh bold selection of funeral arrangements.

“The growing change in attitude towards funerals has given us new ideas of how we can design funeral arrangements that celebrate the life of someone departed, and as society changes, we are changing with them to meet their needs, “ says Jeff Godfrey, Marketing Manager for Bloomex. “The loss of a loved one is definitely tragic in that they are departed from our Earth, but they are not departed from our memories and hearts. More and more people are celebrating the life of a recently departed, and thus want colours, scents and flowers to portray joy, celebration and festivities of times shared with that special someone.”

The new arrangements come in a variety of intense colours, and mixtures of various traditional flowers, flattered with tasteful exotic flowers. We have taken the all-time favourites, such as roses and used softer brilliant colours such as pink, purple, coral, and yellow. We incorporated more striking colourful flowers such as delphiniums, lilies, gladiolus and asters, to mix and compliment the traditional carnations and roses, creating a magnificent masterpiece of fragrances illustrating the joy and commemoration of a special person that will be dearly missed and forever remembered.

Bloomex Management realizes that not all generations share this new concept of funerals arrangements, in which we have continued to offer our traditional funeral products. These collections are just as beautiful and elegant as the modern ones, however they concentrate on less vibrant colourful flowers, generally using red, white, soft hues of purple and yellow. The conventional flowers such as carnations and roses are still the popular favourites among the traditional funeral arrangements.

As well as initiating new vibrant colours to our new funeral products, we have also implemented unique inventive designs not offered in the past. Included in these new products and collections are casket sprays of vibrantly luscious Gerberas daisies, standing wreaths in both traditional colours, and festive exciting colours and flowers. Bloomex offers an array of modern, contemporary, and remarkable funeral arrangements that cater to your preferences and needs, and to top it off, we also provide customer orders.

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