Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bloomex Introduces New Tracking System

Bloomex, Canada’s largest and fastest growing online florist has introduced a new customer service tracking system. This new tracking system will work in conjunction with the new Customer Service System that was implemented only a few weeks ago that has received optimistic reviews. Bloomex anticipates this new tracking system will improve overall customer satisfaction.

“In an effort to isolate and remedy customer issues, we have asked our clients to provide feedback as to their experience with our company.” says Angela Malik, Customer Service Manager for Bloomex. “After carefully reviewing the feedback, Bloomex Management has come up with this new tracking system which we hope will improve our overall productivity. If there is an issue with our production facility, or delivery system or customer care, we want to know about it. We want to endeavour to ameliorate our services.”

Bloomex’s new tracking system works internally and externally; externally involves our production facilities and delivery services. Internally involves our Customer Service System. How it works: overnight Bloomex’s computerized ordering system generates all orders placed and delivered, tracking all the mistakes made by the production facilities and then the delivery services. The new tracking system generates a report that is sent to the Quality Assurance Managers for review. This allows the managers to review the information submitted and implement different strategies to correct any issues. The system ensures that all production facilities are using the freshest flowers, and are continuously committed to providing the best products and services. It also ensures that delivery drivers and courier companies handle our products with care as the system tracks products damaged in the course of delivery. Bloomex can then address any delivery system issues and employ regulations to ensure recipients receive their flowers in excellent condition.

The second part of this new tracking system, allows the Customer Service Managers to ensure that all Bloomex Customer Care Specialists (CCS) are thorough in their duties. The new system tracks errors made by CCS’s, which in turn are sent to the managers. This will allow them to correct these situations and provide the best customer service possible. The major benefit of the new system is the development checks and balances so that management and employees alike are held accountable for any inconvenience that the customer may face.

Bloomex Management is confident that this new tracking system will increase efficiency in an affirmative manner, resolving the issues at hand immediately. Bloomex’s business formula has always been to provide our customer with the best quality product at the lowest price.

For further information:
Michelle Robitaille,
Public Relations Manager
(613) 228-7673

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