Monday, October 28, 2013

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (Oct. 28 - Nov. 3): Classic Yellow & White Daisies

The Yellow & White Daisy bouquet from
Bloomex's Classic Yellow & White Daisy bouquet brings warmth and light into any room.

Quick rhetorical question: is there a flower more beloved and cherished than the daisy? Daisies bring a sense of pure joy to their surroundings, and this week's product of the week is a beautiful addition to any space, regardless of the weather outside.

This arrangement includes  36 gorgeous white and yellow daisies, adorned with a variety of fresh greens. Offered at a low, unbeatable price, they make for a very affordable option for any occasion. As well, they make for a nice change-of-pace from many of the more typical bouquets that people send throughout the nation.

Whether you're saying 'thanks,' 'get well soon,' or 'I messed up,' this bouquet will send the intended message with style and fun.

Looking for other sorts of daisies? We offer a variety of options here, with bouquets starting at just $19.99. 

Price: $29.99
Size: Approximately 24" high (vase not included)
Ideal for: Saying Sorry, Gratitude, Get Well, Birthdays

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