Friday, November 29, 2013

Avoid a Corporate Christmas Letdown In 2013

Check out this Youtube video we made a couple years back.

Bloomex has a variety of gift baskets, fit for any corporate budget. And with our new Corporate "GIVE" Baskets, 20% of the purchase goes to a charity of your choice.

We also offer a wide range of flowers and other products, whatever you're looking to spend.

Avoid a letdown, and say it with Bloomex this holiday season!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bloomex's Corporate GIVE Baskets: Gift Baskets for employees or clients, with 20% going to charity

bloomex_corporate-gift-basketsWith Christmas coming in less than a month, many companies and corporations will be looking for gifts and presents for their employees, associates, colleagues and clients. Christmas gifts make for a nice way to make your employees feel valued, or let a client know that you appreciate your business.

As far as corporate presents go, gift baskets are an ideal choice. They feature a variety of different items, so even if you don't know someone's personal preferences intimately, it's virtually guaranteed that the gift will be enjoyed.

This year, there's added incentive to buy Corporate Gift Baskets in Canada from Bloomex. That's because 20% of the purchase price on our Corporate 'Give' Baskets  is donated to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice. From the email that we sent out:
Bloomex will Donate 20% of your total Product purchase to the registered Charity or Non-Profit Organization of YOUR Choice.  A great Client or Employee Holiday Gift that also generates revenue for your favorite charity or NPO.  Now that's a Gift that really GIVES! 

So if you're in the market for Corporate Christmas Gifts in Canada, do some good along the way. Check out our page of Corporate 'Give' Baskets today, and order online or call 1-866-690-8426 for more information.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bloomex Announces Charity GIVE Basket Initative

Calling all charities and

not-for-profits in


With Christmas around the corner, Bloomex -- as Canada's true national florist -- is committed to giving back to local community causes. 

Because of that, we've come up with an idea that can benefit any charitable organization in Canada, big or small. Announcing: our "GIVE" Basket program. Here's the basic idea - we'll send you a template email that you can send out to your membership to engage them. Since people love our gift baskets for holiday gifts, why not engage them for donations on a product they might purchase anyway? 

When your membership purchases a "GIVE" Basket, 20% of the amount will go to YOUR cause. Your members simply enter the name of your organization at checkout under the 'Special Instructions' tab, and it's all set. Bloomex will donate those proceeds to your organization after the holiday campaign has wrapped up.

To get involved, simply give us a call at 1-888-912-5556 and we'll send you a template to engage your membership with. If you have any other questions, drop us a line by email if you prefer. 

We look forward to donating to your cause this holiday season!

Here is the full text of what we're offering to your charitable or not-for-profit organization:

Fundraise this Holiday Season with “GIVE” Baskets from Bloomex!  

A unique idea that allows your membership to contribute to their favorite Charity or Non-Profit Organization... YOU! 

Bloomex will provide you an email template with your Logo and Name that you can email directly to your Membership.  Bloomex will donate 20% of the products purchased directly back to you.   The more “GIVE” Baskets your membership purchases the more money you raise.  This program is open to both individual “Gift” purchases or larger “Corporate” purchases.

Bloomex “GIVE” Baskets offer an ideal Fundraising opportunity at a Great Price. 
    • Best Value - Guaranteed.
    • Guaranteed Coast to Coast Delivery. 
    • Over One Million Served.
    • 20% of total product purchase donated back to you!
Sign up NOW– this is a limited offer. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (Nov. 25 - Dec. 1): Christmas Designer Collection

We fully understand that the holidays can be a stressful time. That's why we're always looking for ways to make it easier for you.

Our line of Designers' Collection bouquets are always among the more popular products on We owe their success to two factors. First, for people who find the amount of choices in terms of bouquets available on Bloomex to be a little overwhelming, the Designers' Collection simplifies everything. The idea is that you put your trust in our very talented floral designers to arrange a bouquet for you, making use of the best and most beautiful flowers of the season.

The second factor in the success of the Designers' Collection is their price. These bouquets are marked at 50% less than a bouquet of comparable size.

With Christmas exactly one month away and the holiday season approaching quickly, our Christmas Designers' Collection bouquets are just one more way that Bloomex aims to de-stress the holidays for you. And with four size options to choose from, there's a bouquet to fit every budget.

Price: $25 - $75
Ideal for: Christmas!


5 Ideas For Winter Flowers Around the House

There's a chill in the air throughout much of Canada. The great Canadian myth is that we all embrace the cold weather and get outside for winter activities, and for many of us that's true. But a large group of people will also be spending less time outdoors in the coming months as the cold proves daunting in many places.

If you're more of the "hibernation type," keeping your space beautiful and inviting is crucial to maintaining your energy and happiness. While there's no substitute for the warmth of the sun, here are 5 bouquets that will warm your spirits up regardless of how far below 0 the weather is outside.

Winter Classic Bouquet

Just in time for the holidays, the Winter Classic Bouquet sparkles with the colours of the season. A gorgeous mix of 12 White and 12 Red Carnations, this arrangement will have you feeling festive.

 Beautiful in Blue Bouquet

Ideal for Hanukkah celebrations or any other occasion, this unique bouquet features a lovely assortment of cream roses, Chrysanthemums, Alstroemeria, White Lilies and more.

Sweet Tenderness Bouquet
(pictured at top)

The Sweet Tenderness bouquet is a gorgeous assortment of many types of flowers, including Pink Alstroemeria, Pink Carnations and Mini Carns, trendy White Waxflower, 2 stems of Daisy Chrysanthemums and assorted greens. It's quite a fragrant bouquet, perfect for bringing the outdoors inside.


Heavenly Sunsets Bouquet

Our Heavenly Sunsets bouquet is a yellow bouquet featuring 10 stems of wonderful Yellow Alstroemeria paired with 6 Yellow Roses for a bright, vibrant look that brings light and colour in to the room.


100 Blooms of Alstroemeria

This arrangement brings an incredible variety of colour in to your living room. Alstroemeria is sometimes known as a Peruvian Lily, and this bouquet is an exquisite display of why these flowers are gaining such popularity in Canada.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Top Hanukkah Bouquets in Canada

The Hanukkah Special bouquet
In 2013, Hanukkah takes place from November 27 until December 5. The Jewish religious celebration lasts for eight days and nights, and is a commemoration of the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, in Here is a good rundown of what Hanukkah entails, including more about its history and traditional activities.
the 2nd Century BCE.

Because the occasion is based on the Hebrew calendar, the dates on the Gregorian calendar can fall anywhere from late-November, up until the end of December.

Bloomex has assembled a page consisting of some lovely Hanukkah flowers to celebrate the season with. One bouquet that's been popular in past years is the Hanukkah Special bouquet. This artful arrangement consists of 12 White Lilies, 12 Iris' and an assortment of greens.

The Blue and White Joy is another popular bouquet throughout any time of year, featuring 12 gorgeous White Calla Lily blooms coupled with 3 stems of Delphinium.

Be sure to check out Bloomex's Hanukkah Flowers page for a full variety of arrangements to choose from. Happy Hanukkah to all.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

50 Occasions & Holidays to Send Flowers For

Whatever the occasion, send
flowers in Canada with

We're coming up to a big period for gifting flowers, Christmas. But aside from Christmas and Valentine's Day, what are the biggest occasions for sending flowers? Well, that depends on who you ask and where you reside. But aside from the traditional and religious occasions, flowers can make for a great gesture on any occasion.

In all, there are hundreds of possible reasons to send flowers. We were able to come up with fifty off the top of our heads (more or less). Some might strike you as obvious, and some a bit strange, but that's what this list is about -- having some fun with it.

Here, presented for you, are 50 reasons to send flowers. If you're not sure what something means, click on the appropriate link for more information or flower suggestions.

1 Birthday
2 Anniversary
3 To Show Your Love
4 To Say I'm Sorry
5 To celebrate a New Baby
6 To Say Get Well Soon
7 To get him something special
8 Congratulations
9 As a Business Gift
10 To Say Thank You
11 For Thanksgiving
12 For Christmas
13 For Hannukah
14 Housewarming Present
15 For Valentine's Day
16 ..Or, for Singles Awareness Day
17 As a Wedding Present
18 To welcome someone home from a trip
19 Back to School
20 Bar/Bat Mitzvah
21 To Show Your Support
22 Graduation
23 Easter
24 Sweetest Day
25 Remembrance Day
26 New Year's Eve
27 Family Day
28 Festivus
29 Canada Day
30 "Take Me Back"
31 Father's Day
32 St. Patrick's Day
33 "Way to go!"
34 National Boss Day
35 "I blew it."
36 Halloween
37 National Boss Day
38 International Joke Day
39 "Sorry About Your Mayor"
40 National Sorry Day
41 Mother's Day
42 To Honor Someone's Military Service
43 Pi Day (3/14)
44 QuinceaƱera
45 Grandparents Day
46 Rosh Hashanah
47 Chinese New Year
48 Administrative Assistant's Day
49 Day of the Dead
50 Just Because :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (Nov. 18 - Nov. 24): Fruits and Chocolate Basket

Bloomex's Fruits & Chocolate Basket

This week's product of the week is a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of nice...

This week, the product we're featuring is our Fruits and Chocolate Basket. 

This basket comes packed with fresh fruit and an assortment of chocolate and several types of fruit including grapes, a nectarine, pears, apples and oranges.

With winter coming up, getting your recommended amount of fruit servings becomes more important than ever and gives people the energy to fight off the short days and cold weather that affects so many Canadians. And when night falls, what better than a little chocolate to wind the night down?

Price: $39.95
Ideal for: Around the office, feel better soon, "Just Because."


Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Faves: Our Top 10 Favourite Flower Names for Girls

Rose - a flower, but also a NAME.
We like to have a little fun on Fridays, so today we're going to look at flower-inspired names girls. Now, naming a child used to be so simple: "You wanna call her Gretta, Edna  or Delores?" Boom, done. But anecdotally, at least, there's been a distinct uptick in recent years in people wanting unique names for their children. Heck, there are directory listings of "unique" baby names, which is a bit self-defeating, no?

Anyway, before we get too off-track, the point is -- flowers can provide some great inspiration for coming up with a unique name for your child. Here, we'll suggest our top ten favourite names for girls that are inspired by flowers.

Blossom: There's a whole generation of people who grew up watching the TV show who already are
mothers, or will become mothers shortly. Will this name surge in popularity? Ehhh, probably not, but still. Really, we just wanted to include that picture over there.

Rose: This is more of an old-fashioned name than a trendy new one, but it's pretty by any other name. After peaking in the 1910s, it steadily declined in popularity, but has rebounded slightly since the '80s.

Lily: According to this handy and super-addictive tool which we're using to reference all these numbers, the popularity of Lily has skyrocketed in the past couple of decades. In the 80s, it was the 673rd most popular name; in 2012, it was the 16th most popular.

Violet: After dropping from being fairly common in the early part of the 20th century into a baby oblivion during the '80s and '90s, the name 'Violet' has rebounded strongly in recent years.

Daisy: Like Rose, its most popular days are behind it. The name saw a slight resurgence in the '90s but has dropped off in recent years.

Marigold: This has never been in the top 1000 names during any time period. You want a unique name? That's a good sign that it's pretty unique.

Aster: See 'Marigold.'

Jasmine: More people probably know the name itself rather than the fact it's based on a flower. Its popularity was non-existent until the 1960s, and it rocketed up in popularity, becoming the 25th most common girls' name in the 1990s. It's since sharply dropped off again, though.

Heather: Again, many people wouldn't know the name better than the plant. It was the 8th most popular name of the 1970s, but it's really out of vogue now -- dropping to 708th place in 2012.

Iris: Iris has never been a super-popular name, but it's certainly seen its share of peaks and valleys... and it's on its way up again, sitting at its most popular point since the 1940s.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Some Good Advice on Caring for Sunflowers

Bloomex has a large variety
of Sunflower bouquets
starting below $30.
Sunflowers are a great choice to send during the cold winters in Canada, as they light up any room they're placed in with their vibrancy. They also have quite a fascinating history if you're interested in learning about them. 

Here are 3 simple tips from Bloomex to keep your Sunflowers looking their freshest, and keep them in good shape for a long while after delivery:

  • First, cut 3 centimetres off of the stems, and remove all the leaves that are below where the water line will be in your vase.
  • Fill the vase with water and add a packet of flower food to give your Sunflowers the nutrients they need to thrive.
  • On the fourth day, re-cut the stems, replace the water with some fresh water and as you did before, add a package of flower food .
A few other tips on keeping your Sunflowers looking good for as long as possible:

  • Removing the leaves that are spent is a great way to maintain the freshest appearance.
  • Place your sunflowers in an area where it won't be subjected to a lot of heat, or drafts of wind. That means you should be careful if you're planning to place them near windows, radiators or the like.
We hope these tips help you enjoy your flowers for as long as they'll last!


  • We offer similar tips here, tailored toward roses. 
  • Heading to a housewarming party by any chance? Here's 10 of our favourite gift suggestions.
  • If you're having to give a gift in November, we know you don't want to spend a pretty penny. Save some coin up for the holidays with one of these ideas.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Flowers & Gifts Can Get You Your Heart's Desire

Flowers can be a great item to
influence people's decision
making process.
Flowers are such a lovely present to receive on a special occasion. But with a little work and planning, they can provide an excellent way to reach out to someone relevant and influence their decision on important matters.

Here are some ideas and suggestions on how to use flowers to get what you want out of your life. Of course, we can't guarantee that they'll work for sure, but it's always worth a try!


New job coming up available at the office? Okay, maybe you don't want to go overboard with the 'sucking up', but a little gesture now could go a long way in the end. We recommend a small, low-cost planter basket with a personalized note saying something along the lines of 'I would appreciate your consideration for this position.' What a way to set yourself apart from the crowd!


Four words: BEER AND NUTS BASKET. We challenge you to find a red blooded male who wouldn't appreciate this basket, which features an assortment of Molson Canadian, various nuts, pretzels and candies.


Keep it traditional and go with roses. Bloomex offers some fantastic deals, especially our Friday only Rose Specials. It's a fantastic way to start your special someone's week off right.


Hey, we all mess up sometimes. The key is how you make up for it. We suggest a nice chocolate gift basket.


Going to a housewarming, party or gathering? You're guaranteed to get a smile out of the host if you show up with an offering of balloons, flowers, or best of all, a wine & cheese gift basket.

8 Crazy, Interesting, And True Facts About Flowers

Whether they're red or white, no, Poinsettias are
not poisonous (but they do make
great Christmas decorations.)
Flowers serve as a beautiful gesture, a way to beautify our world, and offer many practical uses in everyday life. We probably take them for granted to some extent, but could you imagine a world without them? It would definitely be a lot more drab, dull planet earth.

Since you come into contact with flowers every day -- whether it's in a shop window, outside in gardens, or even wildflowers in the ditch beside the freeway -- you probably don't often give them a second thought. But when you take a moment to think about it, they're really quite the blessing.

We've taken a look around the web and compiled 8 facts about flowers that we think you'll find pretty interesting.

Is it true that Poinsettias are poisonous?

Though it makes for a good urban legend, the truth is that, no, eating Poinsettias will not kill you. They might make you a little nauseous, but so might eating any number of non-edible flowers (hence the 'non-edible part.) There's no accurate report of how this myth started, but we assure you that although we don't recommend it, you will not die from eating a Poinsettia petal. 

What flowers DO we eat routinely?

Remember when your mother told you to eat your broccoli? You might not have known that the broccoli we eat, would you believe it, is a flower. The green "heads" on the broccoli are the bud form, and if left to grow further, blossom into yellow flowers. Now, does that make you more or less likely to eat your veggies? 

There are also hundreds of types of flowers and greens that are edible, and some trendy 'foodie' restaurants have made their names off of serving these. But if they offer you Angel's Trumpet, decline: it's one flower that is highly, highly poisonous. Some types of Lilies are also known to be very toxic to animals, so keep an eye on your pets.

How many species of flowers exist, anyway?

Currently there are thought to be about 2.5 million different flower species. Keep in mind that new crosses are being developed all the time, and there are often new naturally-occurring flowers being discovered in remote areas with little human contact.

What's the world's largest flower?

It's called Titan Arum, but is more commonly referred to as The Corpse Flower, for their penchant to raise a stink whenever they bloom... literally. By all accounts, the blooming of this plant causes a terrible smell. Luckily it doesn't happen too often: the Corpse Flower commonly takes about 8 to ten years to bloom. It can grow over 6 metres tall (20 ft.), and one recently bloomed in St. Louis if you'd like to read more.

More quick facts:

  • The centre of every sunflower blooms in the exact same pattern, and there is a math equation that explains this.
  • The largest flower 'family' in nature is the Orchid, of which there are about 25,000 variations.
  •  Daisies got their name as a shortened version of "Day's Eye," because of the fact that they close overnight and open into beautiful blossoms during the day.
  • The fleur-de-lys, an emblem of Quebec as well as Cajun culture, is a stylized Iris, despite its name, which translates in English to Lily flower.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Best Christmas Flowers and Flower Arrangements

The Bloomex Holiday Enchantment Bouquet
The Holiday Enchantment Bouquet
Although our friends in the United States still have Thanksgiving to celebrate at the end of the month, in Canada, it's now full-steam ahead toward the December holiday season... and for many of us, that means it's time for Christmas.

Soon enough (maybe even this weekend), the decorations will start appearing, the stores will start playing 24-hours of Christmas music, and maybe you'll start getting a bit stressed out. As much as the holidays bring families together, they can also be an overwhelming time.

Why not take a little bit of the worry out of the season so you can spend more time enjoying the festivities? When you're ordering from Bloomex, you can set it up for delivery on a certain date, and leave the rest of it to us. It's one less thing to worry about, and it can help ensure that you have a very Merry Christmas. Need a little inspiration? Have a look at our gallery of products on our Facebook page. Until then, we'll offer some suggestions on some of the best Christmas flowers and arrangements:


These are a holiday classic, but you might wonder how they came to become associated with Christmas. Actually, the plants are native to Mexico. They were introduced to America (and thereby Canada) by Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsettia -- the name is making sense now, isn't it? As for their association with Christmas, there are a couple of theories: one, that it's symbolic of the Star of Bethleham, and another, based on a Mexican legend. However it came to be, its beautiful red blooms match up with the colours of the season perfectly. If you'd like to bring some Poinsettia magic into your home this season, we recommend this Supreme Poinsettia basket for maximum effect.


Is there anything the rose doesn't work for? In terms of floral arrangements, we've yet to find it. Pairing red and white roses together, like in this bouquet, can make for a gorgeous, festive look for the holidays. Adding in some Carnations or Chrysanthemums, as offered in our "Holiday Tradition" bouquet makes for a bit of a different, but equally gorgeous arrangement. 


Carnations are not necessarily a typical choice for the holidays, but this flower is popular year-round. And with the deep-red version of the plant, it proves to be quite festive. Our Crimson Delight works really well for your living room, kitchen or on the mantle of your fireplace to bring some natural colour to the hanging of the stockings.  

Holiday Alstroemeria bouquet


This is one of the more new-age, trendy holiday flowers that we've seen growing in popularity over recent years. Haven't heard of this flower? Maybe you know it by its more common name, the Peruvian Lily. Whatever the case, the 100 Blooms of Alstroemeria bouquet pictured on the left is absolutely gorgeous, and certainly unique in any space.

We'd love for you to check out our full array of Christmas flowers if you're looking for some decoration this holiday seaosn. And whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or heck -- even Festivus... we wish you a very happy holiday season indeed.  

8 Great Articles About Roses

For thousands of years, roses have been beloved throughout society. Today, there is so much information out there on the Internet about them that it can be difficult to sort through and pick out the best pieces on whatever you're looking for.

How much do you think you actually know about them? Whether you're looking to plant them, buy them, or aren't sure what each colour supposedly means, we've compiled this list to help you.

Let's take a quick look at eight helpful and entertaining articles about roses to broaden your knowledge.

If you're looking to buy roses
in Canada, Bloomex offers
12 stem bouquets starting at
just $19.99.
  • Basic Information About Roses: has some great resources if you're not too sure where to start -- and you've got to start somewhere. This article talks a little bit about the history of the rose, and notes that there are over 150 species currently known.
  • How to Care for Fresh Cut Roses: You can make cut flowers last for a lot longer if you take the correct steps to ensure that they will thrive, even in a vase in your house. 
  • How to Plant Roses:  This is a very useful page, and breaks down rose-growing information by regional climate zones. It also touches on important information like preventing pests, selecting the ideal site to plant  your flowers, and much more.
  • The Meaning of Rose Colours: This article is from our very own blog, and breaks down the historical and traditional symbolism of all the different colours of roses 
  • Secrets of Super-Hardy Roses: With our harsh climate in the Great White North, selecting more persistent roses is the key to making sure your garden flourishes throughout the warmer months. This great article from Canadian Gardener includes lots of info on such things.
  • 10 Hardy Roses to Plant in Your Garden: Another piece about selecting plants that will flourish with minimal work even in rough weather years, from Canadian Living Magazine. 
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Roses: In case you couldn't tell, we like lists -- this one gives you multiple fascinating facts. Bet that you'll learn something that you didn't know.
  • A Tour of North America's 'Rose Cities': Roses are so revered in our society that dozens of cities lay claim to being the "Rose City," or a similar variation. We look at some of the cities and offer some thoughts on which regions can legitimately make the claim.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The 20 Best Ways to Use Flowers

When you think about it, flowers are extremely versatile. We often think of them only as things that are pretty to look at and maybe have a nice smell to them. Which is true, of course. But looking beyond that, there are so many different uses for flowers beyond the obvious.

We'll include a few of the basics, which are impossible to overlook. But hopefully, you'll find some inspiration here in some of the more outside-the-box and creative ways that people have used flowers for.

So with that being said, here are the 20 Best Ways to Use Flowers... in no particular order.

1. As a way to say thank you.

2. ... Or as a way to say sorry.

3. As a symbol of remembrance and tribute.

4. Eat them. Yes, seriously! But only certain types, of course.

5. ... Or, if that's a bit too out-there for you, use them to make a beautiful non-edible cake!

6. Dry them and preserve them for a beautiful, lasting look. There are several excellent guides out there on the Internet.

7. Use them to beautify derelict public spaces (but get permission first.)

8. As decoration to liven up a dull space. Obvious, maybe, but hey, it does the trick every time.

9. As part of wedding festivities -- for bridal bouquets, bridesmaides, etc.

10. .Write a song or poem and use flowers as a literal subject, or as a metaphor for some other meaning.

11. Let someone know that you care about them (cue 'Saved By the Bell' 'oooooooh!' effect.)

12. Send them to someone special and let them know you're thinking of them.

13. Use them as the focal point of crafts or activities for your kids. 

14. Alternatively, use flowers as an adult alternative to some kids-focused holidays which you've possibly outgrown.

15. Use them as centrepieces at a wedding, banquet, or other event.

16. Offer them as a symbol of peace or goodwill.

17. For the hippy-dippy amongs you, make a DIY flower crown.

18. Use them to keep certain animals away in more rural areas.

19. Display them as a symbol of your civic pride. 

20. Use flowers as a relaxant or aroma-therapeutic treat.

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (Nov. 11 - 17): Here's to You Bouquet

This week's Bloomex Product of the Week: The
Here's to You bouquet.

The snow has started falling here at Bloomex headquarters, but there's no reason to be feeling cold with bouquets like this to warm you up.

Our latest Product of the Week is the Here's To You bouquet. This arrangement is a lovely choice in any season, from the dog days of summer to the depths of winter. 

This particular bouquet features an assortment of uplifting Yellow Roses, modern Red Gerbera Daisies and Mini Carnations, and yellow Button Spray Chrysanthemums.

The Here's to You bouquet is a beautiful arrangement to send to a friend or loved one to bring their energy up, and its scheme of bright colours means it fits in nicely to virtually any room or space. And with its low price and wide assortment of shades, it makes for an awesome value.

Price: $39.99
Ideal for: Birthday flowers, bright-colour lovers, thinking of you.  


4 Interesting Flower Stories from Around the Web

Here is a quick roundup of four articles that we've found interesting over the past month or so and thought we'd share with our readers.

  • Bees can't sniff out flowers because of CARS (via The Daily Mail): This widely-reported story got our attention because it could have big implications on the world's food supply. The pollution caused by diesel fumes is apparently affecting honeybees' ability to locate pollen-bearing plants. Worth a read for sure.
  • Freedom trees honour our heroes and sacrifices (via The Star): Just in time for Remembrance Day, well-known gardening expert Mark Cullen relates a touching story of his relationship with his 95-year-old veteran friend, as well as reporting on an effort to line a highway in London, Ont. with trees.
  • Decorating with Fall Colors (via CNN): Some excellent ideas on how to incorporate the tones of the Autumn season, drawing inspiration from the foliage outside, into your interior decorating. 
  • Like the Heart, Tulips Know No Season (via Huffington Post): An exciting development, reported on  by writer Bill Prescott, who explains that growers have developed methods of allowing Tulips to grow year-round as opposed to just during the spring.
What do you think of these stories? Let us know in the comments below, or give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook. 

Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Faves: Top 10 Best Songs With Flowers In the Title

Each week in Friday faves, we step outside the box a little bit and make a list of our favourite things. So far, we've covered our top 10 flower quotes. We're going to keep it in the realm of arts & entertainment this week, but branch out from the spoken word to the sung word. Here are our top ten favourite songs that have either the word 'flower' or a specific plant in the title.

Throughout the history of rock, flowers have been a useful inspiration for artists to draw on. They're an easy metaphor to make and ... Flowers' appearances in the music of the 1960s was a natural, as they were closely linked with the 'flower power' movement, the Haight-Ashbury scene, Woodstock and all that. But even since then there have been some great tunes as well.

Without further ado, let's get this show on the road:

10.  Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Okay, this song has not aged well. At well. But it's still one of the quintessential power ballads of the 80s and surely is still played at weddings of aging headbangers across the nation.

9. Outkast - Roses
As the follow-up to Outkast's monumental hit "Hey Ya," this song didn't quite reach the same heights... and its lyrics are quite silly... but it's kind of fun.

A song that almost singlehandedly sums up the hippy-dippy era mentioned above.

If you were around in 1994/95 you'll recall how totally inescapable this song was, permeating every area of pop culture and radio format until you completely could not stand it anymore. Does that make it good? 

6. Pete Seeger/Peter, Paul & Mary - Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
This song was originally written by folk legend Seeger, but folkie trio Peter, Paul & Mary recorded what is likely the best-known and most enduring version of this song that's been covered a million times since then. 

5. The Doors - Hyacinth House
One of The Doors' more spacey later tracks, with an amazing vocal delivery from Jim Morrison... and apparently, despite the somewhat simplistic lyrics, the song is actually rife with meaning.

4. Travis - Flowers in the Window
This track from pre-Coldplay pop rockers scores points for making great use of the banjo and being as catchy as anything. 

3. White Stripes - Blue Orchid
One of the Detroit duo's most successful singles, with mind-bending guitar sounds and a powerful beat that earned it a ton of radio play upon its release. 

2. The Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia
A classic cut from the Dead's classic American Beauty album, with an upbeat tone and a relatively straightforward studio performance.

1. The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup 
Did you know that the Buttercup is a flower? This author had always assumed it was just a pet name for the singer's spurning lover. Turns out it's the common name for a Ranunculus. Huh. You learn something every day.

Bloomex wishes you a fantastic weekend. Take care, everybody.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Our 3 Favourite "Get Well Soon" Flower Bouquets

Flowers for someone who is sick or injured can provide such a lift for the spirits. If you know someone battling to get better, it's such a nice gesture to send some "recovery flowers" to let that person know that you're thinking of them and wish them the best -- particularly if you're out of town and can't make it to see them in person.

Bloomex provides some ideal bouquets on our 'Get Well Soon' page, which we encourage you to have a look at.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions on some of our favourites:

Sweet Tenderness

Starlight Serenade Bouquet.
A lovely arrangement of Alstroemeria, Mini Carns, Chrysanthemums, Waxflower, Carnations and a stem of Salal (pictured above). This bouquet is somewhat of a new arrival and it is proving quite popular with our customers. This assortment of beautiful flowers is sure to brighten that special someone's day. Yours for $39.95.

Starlight Serenade

The pastel-like colours on this are wonderful for a recovering person, featuring shades of lavender, purple and white, consisting of Alstroemeria, Waxflower, Roses and Chrysanthemums. Only $44.99.

Pink & Lilac Extravaganza

Pink & Lilac Extravaganza
If you want to go all out, this bouquet lives up to its name, with a generous assortment of Daisies, Aster, chic Gerberas and Lilies adorned with a variety of fresh greens. It's an unforgettable bouquet for the very special person in your life. $87.99.

6 November Gift Suggestions

Coffee & More Gift Basket
Looking to give a gift in November? We have some ideas to help.

November is not a huge gift-giving month, what with the big holidays coming up next month and all. But even still, maybe you know someone with a birthday, or an anniversary. Those poor souls. Their special days needn't be overshadowed by everyone focusing on the festive season that folks are already gearing up for.

That being said, we understand the reluctance to shell out big with Christmas coming up, so we thought we'd offer a few suggestions, all for under $40.


  • 12 Long Stem Yellow Roses: These gorgeous coloured roses are a sure hit for any season, and bring a nice burst of light in to any room. ($39.95)
  • Lovely Lilies: For the thrifty gift giver, you can't beat the value of these vibrant lilies which are a unique choice and offer a beautiful assortment of colour. ($29.95) 


  • 'Coffee & More' Gift Basket: A great gift for November; when the weather cools down in Canada, offer that special someone in your life something to warm them up.  This basket includes an assortment of Espresso, Flavoured Coffee, Cappuccino, Chocolate and more -- a total of eight items in all. ($34.95)
  • Fruit Lover Gift Basket: With the chill in the air, many people start to reduce their physical activity and time spent outside as we transition toward a bit of a winter slumber. Fruits are a great way to feel full while eating healthy. ($39.95)


  • Large box of chocolate mints: People who don't love chocolate and mint combined are few and far between. This delicious assortment will satisfy a sweet-tooth for weeks on end. ($29.95)
  • Peanut Butter Cookies: Just like your mother used to make, these PB Cookies go great with a glass of milk and considering they're being shipped right to a loved one's door, you can't beat the price for a pound. ($19.95) 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Why Canadians Wear Poppies in November

In Flanders fields the poppies blow      
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.
Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

 - John McCrae

The most visible flower during November in Canada isn't a tulip, or a rose. It's the poppy.

Canadians don the red poppy to commemorate the lives and sacrifices that our young soldiers made over the past century of war. The poppy was first adopted in 1921, as a visual mark of remembrance. Canadians generally wear the poppies starting in late-October, for about a two week period leading up to Remembrance Day, which takes place on November 11 every year.

The origin of the poppy is connected to the above poem, written in 1915 by John McCrae, a Canadian soldier, physician and poet who served during the First World War. He observed that the fields in which Canadian soldiers were buried, in Belgium, had a large amount of poppies which, to his eyes, grew quickly after soldiers were buried 'row on row.'

Watch the video below for a little more history on Flanders Fields. And remember the brave Canadians who paid the ultimate sacrifice by wearing a poppy in 2013.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

5 Ways to Save Money on Flowers

So you want to send flowers in Canada, but your budget's stretched a little tight? That's totally understandable. After all, the prime gift-giving season of the year is coming up and there's nothing worse than that "January hangover" when the credit card bills come.

But it's easy to take a load off your wallet if you're open to shopping for flowers online.
A great example of the huge
savings you can find with
Bloomex: this Melody
Collection assortment is
on sale for just $39.95.

Here are 5 easy ways to save money on flowers as we approach the holiday season.

1. Ditch the local florist
They know that once you're in the shop, you're not likely to compare pricing, so there's no motivation for them to offer the best possible prices. They also need a nice margin on their products to support the cost of their brick-and-mortar store and other operational costs. 

2. Forget the grocery store
Many grocery stores sell flowers because it's often an impulse purchase. Just like the tabloid magazine and packs of gum at the register, they're trying to tempt you to buy something that you had no real intention of purchasing when you walked in. And just like those batteries at the cash, they're high-margin items for the stores. Don't be sucked in.

3. Don't use a wire service
Most of the huge, international, well-known flower sites simply farm out their orders to the local florists. Again, everyone has to make a little margin along the way, and that drives up the end cost to you. Don't fall for it.

4. Shop around.
Do a little bit of price comparison if you have the time. It's quite amazing how much the same bouquets and arrangements can vary in price from place to place.

5. Buy from Bloomex.
Because of the company's revolutionary business model, we're able to offer flower bouquets and arrangements for, usually, about 35% - 50% lower than our competitors. Bloomex buys straight from the growers and arranges its bouquets in its own, company-owned production facilities spread out across the country -- and on-time delivery is available for upwards of 97% of the population. So go ahead, and shop around as we suggested.... but we already know what you'll find. Bloomex's prices can't be beat in Canada.

Monday, November 04, 2013

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (Nov. 4 - Nov. 10): Breathless Beauty Bouquet

Our product of this week for November 4th to the 10th is the Breathless Beauty Bouquet.
Stargazer lilies are an absolutely gorgeous addition to any bouquet, and in this arrangement, they serve as a focal point.

Bloomex's Breathless Beauty bouquet mixes the aforementioned flowers with stunning red roses and an assortment of greens for an eloquent look. This bouquet is quite fragrant, and its large size makes it a great gift for many different occasions.

Sure to dazzle, these Stargazers will draw looks in any setting. And with the holidays coming up quickly, they're the perfect colour for a Yuletide celebration.

Price: $79.99
Ideal for: Christmas, corporate events, sympathy flowers and expressing gratitude.