Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (Oct. 14 - Oct. 20): Pink Beauty Basket

This week's Product of the Week is the Pink Beauty Basket.

Does the march to winter have you feeling a bit down? As we see less and less sun and rainy fall days become the norm, it's natural to feel that way.

Flowers can be a source of positive vibes, particularly those with bright colours -- like this week's Product of the Week. Our Pink Beauty arrangement  features an assortment of Roses, Chrysanthemums, Asters and Carnations, set in a lovely basket.

Best of all, this arrangement is very affordable at only $49.95. It makes a great, uplifting gift for anyone whose spirits are sagging. With tones of pink, purple and green, it's sure to brighten up a gloomy fall day and bring a little bit of joy into any room. And if you don't care for the look of this one, there are lots of different basket arrangements to choose from.

Price: $49.95
Size: 11 inches by 14 inches (approx.)
Ideal for: Sympathy, Corporate Gifts, Get Well Soon.

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