Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The sight a red eyed, wheezing and sneezing bride may not be a perfect picture for a wedding but that vision may come true if a bride has allergies. Brides with allergies may think their only other option is to use imitations of the real thing but there is hope. There are ways to prevent or ease potential allergic reactions if you choose the right type of flower.

Experts at Bunches Direct say choose flowers that release less pollen.

Flowers like spray roses, which are tiny but come in a variety of colors, have a light scent and a low capacity to release airborne pollen can still add color and style to your wedding.

Other safe flowers




hybrid tea roses

Some lilies can also be a good choice if the brown pollen-bearing anthers on the tip of each stamens are removed.

Flowers to avoid

oriental lilies

mini asters







babies breath



Various blossoms from trees should also be avoided. So, steer away from blossoms from orange, almond and cherry trees.

A good floral designer or a how to do-it-yourself floral guide can help put together arrangements and bouquets with any flower.

There is no reason for a bride with allergies to forgo a flower filled wedding event. If she chooses the right flowers she can avoid an allergic wedding catastrophe.

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