Friday, October 23, 2009

Bloomex is an online floral retailer, who sells fresh flowers for a fraction of the cost that traditional retailers offer. This is due to Bloomex's unique business model. Instead of operating a retail store, Bloomex is available online and via telephone only; this means they save money on retail set-up and are able to pass these savings on to their customers. And Bloomex is a national retailer, they are able to ship flowers all across the United States (and Canada too). So, if you want Miami flower delivery, it is easily available right at your fingertips.

In September 2009, Bloomex opened a warehouse in Miami, Florida, right in the centre of the floral industry, which allows them to ship flowers with ease throughout Florida and the rest of the United States. Whether you are looking for Orlando flower delivery, or Fort Lauderdale flower delivery, you are able to get it from Bloomex.

So now that Bloomex is situated in the hub of the floral industry, it is time for us to examine what has made Miami earn this title. Statistics do not lie - 85 percent of Colombian and Ecuadorean fresh-cut flowers are brought into the United States via Miami. But what happens once the flowers get to Miami? The flower industry is highly fragmented, and is divided into five main
businesses: 1. Producers, 2. Importers, 3. Wholesale/Distributors, 4. Bouquet Makers, and 5. Retailers. By the time that the flowers arrive in Miami they are in the second stage of the business: the importers. It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of flowers sold into the United States come through Miami. This equals approximately 32,000 boxes of flowers arriving at the Miami International Airport everyday. As a result of the massive quantities of flowers being sent into the US everyday, people seem to be happily purchasing beautiful bouquets for family and friends. The retail value of the floricultural industry is estimated to be $19 billion a year in the USA, with approximately $9.5 billion in fresh-cut flowers. The most recent data from
2002 shows that 27.7% of American households were buying flowers at least once during the year.

There are the facts; can you draw your own conclusion? Since most of the flowers are shipped from either Colombia or Ecuador it is most logical to ship them to a city that is close to the south of the United States; it works out to be cheaper for everyone. The cheaper the flowers can be shipped here, the cheaper florists can sell them, especially if you order with Bloomex, who is able to offer the lowest prices, on quality fresh-cut flowers, and the more money, as a result, stays in your pocket.

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